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Our journey started in 2014 when our founder, Dr. L. Maren Wood, hosted the very first online career conference for graduate students and PhDs. Since then the Center supports over 20,000 students annually through webinars, curriculum, and conferences.


The Center designs research-informed curriculum to prepare master’s and doctoral students for job search and career success. We partner with universities to deliver our programming through digital training platforms, enabling an institution to scale career services to meet the needs of a growing and diverse graduate student population. 


We leverage our training and expertise as educators and scholars to confront the employment challenges facing master’s and doctoral students. We use mixed-methods research (interviews, surveys, and observations) to collect, analyze, and document: 


  • Knowledge gaps of graduate students that prevent them from being successful in their job search
  • Challenges graduate students encounter in leveraging their expertise to build professional careers
  • Successful job search strategies for master’s and doctoral students 
  • The emotional and psychological barriers PhDs face when leaving academia

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