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How to figure out the next step in your job search

The assessment to help master's candidates and PhDs move forward in their job search

struggling with your job search?

Are you a master’s candidate or PhD struggling to figure out what’s going wrong in your job search? You’re not alone. 


Based on hundreds of hours of research, we’ve identified the hidden barriers that keep graduate students stuck in their job search. These assessment tools will help you identify why you’re stuck, and provide you with 3 concrete steps to take next. 


Take the 5 minute assessment, learn your next steps, and move forward in your job search with a strategic plan. 


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Beyond Graduate School

for master's

Are you a busy master’s student juggling intense coursework, internships, and applying for jobs?


If you’re feeling overwhelmed about job searching during and after your master’s, you’re not alone. But there is a way out.


What you need is an effective job search strategy and a plan to help get you there.


Take the assessment, learn your next steps, and move forward with purpose.

Beyond the Professoriate

for phds

Are you thinking about job options after your PhD?


Maybe you’re curious about nonacademic jobs, but you’re not sure what jobs you could even do, where to start in the job search, or how to prepare for going on the market?


Take this 5 minute assessment designed specifically for PhDs, and discover what steps you need to take next to move forward in your career exploration and job search.