We partner with institutions to prepare Master's and PhDs for career success.

boost career success for your graduate students

Through our two digital platforms, Beyond the Professoriate and Beyond Graduate School, we provide scalable, research-driven career support designed for the unique needs and demands of graduate students.

Trusted partner of more than 35 institutions

Trusted by over 35 institutions (and growing), our professional development platforms help graduate students explore career options, learn job search strategies through structured curriculum, and secure employment in their fields of interest.

American Academy of Religion

Arizona State University

Bowling Green State University

Brandeis University

Columbia University (Postdocs) *  
Case Western Reserve University

Emory University

Fordham University

Michigan State University

New York University

Northwestern University
Oklahoma State University

Oregon State University

Rutgers University – New Brunswick

Rutgers University – Newark

Southern Methodist University

Syracuse University
University of California – Irvine *

University of California – Santa Cruz

University of Florida *

University of Georgia

University of Guelph

University of Kentucky
University of Maryland – College Park

University of Minnesota – Twin Cities

University of Montana

University of New Hampshire
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences *

University of Pennsylvania

University of Pittsburgh

University of Saskatchewan *

University of Texas – Austin

University of Wisconsin – Madison

William & Mary

York University (Canada)

*Coming soon.

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how we help institutional partners

Our platforms are the only online professional development training resource for graduate students, postdocs, faculty, and PhDs that helps them successfully transition into academic or nonacademic career paths. These research-driven platforms are informed by nearly a decade of experience supporting graduate students to launch new careers with their skills and training.

prepare more students

The Center's two platforms provide a scalable solution for reaching today's busy graduate students. Whether they are part-time, full-time, or attending their program online, students have access to on-demand, 24/7 career support when and where they need it.

maximize 1:1 advising

Curriculum for Master's students and PhDs is designed to complement on campus resources and 1:1 career advising. Assign a career module, then meet with your student so you can both make the most out of your appointment!

immediate implementation

Beyond the Professoriate and Beyond Grad School provide resources to support career center staff. Self paced modules mean staff can easily direct students to ready-made resources in the program.

increase student satisfaction

Research shows career development opportunities are critical to student satisfaction and engagement. Give your students the most up-to-date career resources available for graduate students.

supporting all graduate students

Master’s students and doctoral students have unique career needs. Through our research, we’ve developed and designed two platforms to support institutional partners in preparing these unique student bodies.

Beyond Graduate School

for master's

Beyond the Professoriate

for phds

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, absolutely. You can access our student demo site for Beyond the Professoriate HERE. We are also happy to provide 2-week trials with full access to the platform for our institutional partners. Please contact us for access.

Beyond Grad School is currently not available for demos. Please contact us for more details on accessing the platform.

Our onboarding and technical team will assist you with integrating single-sign on for your campus. This means your students don’t have to worry about yet another login to yet another site.

Absolutely. We are currently scheduling demos for Beyond the Professoriate only. These sessions are your time to ask any questions you may have, and to invite your teams to view the platform. Please schedule a demo time at your convenience HERE.