Our team provides exclusive workshops, webinars, and marketing support for our institutional partners. We’ll help you launch on campus with success.


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Best Practices

Our team will work closely with your team and campus partners to reach and engage students. For us to communicate with students and postdocs, they must first log in to the platforms through Single Sign On. We do not receive lists of users from university partners. 

This results in a close partnership between our team and our campus partners. We rely on your team to send emails and share information about platform events. 

We’ll send you everything you need to be successful. We’ll send you a customized launch plan with email templates to announce the platforms to your campuses. Throughout the year, we’ll send your office email templates to promote our workshops and special virtual events.

Looking for something else? Check out the marketing tool kit for social media posts, videos, website descriptions and more! 

Email your students, postdocs, and faculty

The number one way students learn about the platforms is through an email sent to them by the graduate school, career center, or their departments. We’ll provide your team with templates for announcing Beyond Graduate School and/or Beyond the Professoriate. 

Engaging students in online professional development is very much like engaging students in an online classroom. Success depends on frequent communication with clear calls to action. 

In addition to the launch emails, we recommend reminding your campus community every academic year about the platform, and including upcoming platform events in monthly emails or newsletters.

Promote Webinars and Special Events

Encouraging students to attend webinars will help increase adoption.

People are more likely to participate in online training if there is a time-sensitive request. Over 90% of learners’ first interaction with the platform is participating in one of our live monthly webinars or special virtual events. 

Our webinars and info sessions are designed to introduce students to parts of the platforms they may not be familiar with. By participating in a live, high-quality educational experience, students gain trust in our curriculum and resources and are more open to exploring additional career resources. 


Engage Departments

Research shows that students look to their departments for professional development before seeking other on-campus resources. However, faculty report feeling underprepared to provide career advice to graduate students, especially about nonacademic career pathways. 

We recommend asking departments to send annual reminders to students and faculty that they have access to our comprehensive curriculum. 

Ask departments to share invitations to our marquee events throughout the year. Because students are directly connected to their departments, they are more likely to open emails sent to them by their DGS or program administrator. Promotion by departments can triple the number of students engaged in professional development.

Incorporate Resources to Mentor Students

Many institutional partners integrate our curriculum into students’ professional development requirements. Career center staff also use our curriculum before, during, and after advising appointments. Students come more prepared to their appointments and can continue their professional development outside of advising hours.

Here are a few examples of how institutional partners leverage our curriculum:

  • They share video lessons with students before on-campus events, like career fairs, alumni career panels, or career workshops.
  • When a student books a career advising appointments, the confirmation email contains links to popular lessons in the platform (i.e. how to write a resume).
  • They lead cohorts through Beyond Grad School and Beyond Prof curriculum.
  • They integrate modules into their own professional development certificates or training.
  • They assign students video lessons after career advising appointments so that students can continue building their job search skills and knowledge.